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Strzyga (or her male counterpart Strzyg/Strzygoń) is a Slavic demon similar to vampire. People born with two hearts, two souls , two sets of teeth or a newborn child with already developed teeth were believed to become strzygas. Once a woman was recognized as strzyga, while still alive, she was banished from the village for she was a threat. Strzygas usually died young. Once the first soul left the body, the second one took control of it, turning the deceased woman into a bloodthirsty demon. She fed on human blood mostly, often ate out the insides of her victim. She would seduce the unsuspecting men or hunt them down when the night fell. Strzyga could turn into an owl and easily attack lost travelers. But she did not hunt only when hungry. Strzygas were vengeful creatures and found pleasure in torturing people for being unjustifiably treated badly during their first life.